Github Django-influxDB-metrics

I am trying to connect my django application with influxdb.
There is a python package to so, namely Django-Influxdb-metrics .

And, this is not working. If someone is using this package, please help.

I think there is not a proper docs dor this package, so, I need help in this.
I want to ask that how it works, and what kind of data of django app is stored in influxdb ?
Till now, the database is empty.

The issue was solved. I was just being impatient.


@Luv Well thank you for posting! Glad you could get it working. See you around!

hi @Luv, i want to ask you about configuration influxdb in django application. I try to use python package Django-influxdb-metrics but i still not understand and i don’t know how to use, can you tell me how to use that?