[for help]use influxdb relay to query data


i am very glad to use influx, but now i get some problems with relay version and then would you give us some help?

The data is wrote into the two influxdb servers successfully with using “http://host:9096/write”, and now i wanna use query url to get data from this host with “http://host:9096/query?.…” ,but get error: {“error”:“invalid write endpoint”}, if i wanna get data with query url, which url should we use?

conf file:


We are looking forward to get your replay and thank you for your kind help.


Can anybody address above question, thanks

Hi, I have build my own version for the relay as a transparent Relay ( for both ,write and query data), and with other advanced features as per point filtering/transformation.
You can download from https://github.com/toni-moreno/influxdb-srelay and here for docker image https://hub.docker.com/r/tonimoreno/influxdb-srelay