Flag not working

have try
influxd run --reporting-disabled
influxd --reporting-disabled

flag provided but not defined: -reporting-disabled
Runs the InfluxDB server.

Usage: influxd run [flags]

-config <path>
        Set the path to the configuration file.
        This defaults to the environment variable INFLUXDB_CONFIG_PATH,
        ~/.influxdb/influxdb.conf, or /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf if a file
        is present at any of these locations.
        Disable the automatic loading of a configuration file using
        the null device (such as /dev/null).
-pidfile <path>
        Write process ID to a file.
-cpuprofile <path>
        Write CPU profiling information to a file.
-memprofile <path>
        Write memory usage information to a file.

run: flag provided but not defined: -reporting-disabled

I follow this guide


Dont bother about this. is only a confused users that dident look on the right pages.