How to see the current configuration parameters?

Hi All,

I’d like to know a correct way to check the current config parameters working with running influxd.

I found “influxd print-config” shows different results depending on the location where the command performed.
I guess it just searches and loads config.* file from the current location and there’s no connection with currently running influxd. (rignt?)
SO, is there a way to retrieve config parameters from currently running influxd?

I’m working with influxdb 2.1.1 (OSS).

Many thanks in advance,

In addition, I tried influxd flags(eg. --storage-wal-fsync-delay) and INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH but am still not sure if my configuration is working with “currently running influxd”.
Is this true that there is no way to get config parameters from running influxd? (but file like config.*)
How can I confirm if influxd is working correctly with modified configuration parameters??


Could anybody confirm if I’m correct?

There’s no way to retrieve and list modified configuration parameters from RUNNING influxd, and we need to trust the config file pointed by INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH is always working with.


Hi @KIA,
I believe you are correct. Changes take effect once the service is restarted. I will pass this feedback to the team and see if we can look at an API to list the current DB settings.