File Format windows

Please indicate the user that (csv)-files from Windows are not accepted, while the error message does not tell you, that e.g. the csv-file that you are up to to write into a bucket, may have the correct syntax, but also has Windows-Style CRLF at the end of the lines.
The input routine should either accept Windows-Files as well as UNIX-Files and/or tell the user that he must remove the CR in each of the files.
I myself used the BTC sample file with appro. 33 megs. and split it up with a useful Windoes tool (which inserts CR…) and the import into InfluxDB 2 does not work and does not tell you the actual reason.

Also it would be great if the import filter of standard CSVs (as EXCEL and many others create) should work (fault tolerant) right away, from the UI, so that the user stays happy.

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Hi @Meyer,
Thank you for the feedback and welcome to the community :slight_smile: . We must admit this part of our platform needs some attention. Would you mind opening an issue on github raising this? If its easier i can do this for you.


Hi Clifford,

thanks. Well, the behaviour of InfluxDB concerning CR/LF can only be fixed by the developers and so are targeted error messages. At least the vendor should users let know that even when running engine and clients under Windows only UNIX-Style CSV-files are possible.

The overall process of importing Files via UI should be much much more user friendly. It’s not fun to tinker around, when you have to import a bunch of CSVs, mapping everything so you get a valid data file that can be written to a bucket. This should work at least something similar when importing into Excel oder Sheets.

At any rate: I chose InfluxDB.


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