Newbie - importing data from CSV

Hi, I need some help on importing data from CSV…

Some fields can have empty values. For example:

#datatype dateTime:02/01/2006 15:04:05,ignored,double,double
Date/Time,Counter,Battery SOC [%],Battery Voltage [V]
04/10/2022 05:32:00,5000,,24.55

the influx write command reports a conversion error
column ‘Battery SOC [%]’: strconv.ParseFloat: parsing “”: invalid syntax

Empty fields indicate that the data has not been collected and I cannot replace them with zeroes. Is there a way to override this error?

I’m using the influx write command with the –errors-file import_errors option but, even if there are errors reported during the conversion (such as the one above) the import_errors file is always empty

my CSV files use semicolons instead of commas. I tried to add this line at the top of the file
but it did not work (write command reports no data found because it is unable to parse lines)

Thanks for your help!

Hello @marconi,
you’re on the right track.
You could also also try using:

I’m not sure why the flag isn’t working…are you using two hyphens though? --errors-file
Your CSV needs to meet the requirements described here:

Semicolons won’t work.
You could also try using the Telegraf file plugin: