Feedback requested / tags and grouping

We are collecting time series data from a bunch of physical nodes. Each node has a unique ID, and is installed in a physical location. Both the ID and location are static values with known (and fixed) ranges.

A physical location may contain more than one node. However, a node can only have one location.

So you might have:

Building 01 / Node 001
Building 01 / Node 002
Building 01 / Node 003

Building 02 / Node 004
Building 02 / Node 005

Building 03 / Node 006
Building 03 / Node 007
Building 03 / Node 008

The node ID is always unique regardless of location i.e. you can never have two “Node 001”.

Also, the mapping between node ID and location is fixed. From the above example, Node 001 will always be associated with Building 001.

The purpose is to be able to run queries like “show me all the nodes in building 001”.

In a traditional DB, I’d probably just create an additional table that contained the relationship between node ID and location, and query that as needed.

My questions:

  1. What would be the best way to set up something like this in Influx?
  2. Does it make a difference if I’m using OSS v1. 8 versus 2.1?

All suggestions welcome.