InfluxDB dropping records with the same timestamp and tagset

Hello there!
I am using InfluxDB to record and store location TRAFFIC data of a virtual world. I am using an API that gives the traffic data of the world - with the location value, and the timestamp (the time at which they were in that location)
I am using that timestamp value from the API to as the timestamp value from influxDB. Now what is happening is - if there are 2 different person in 2 different locations at the SAME timestamp - only 1 of the value is being stored and the other is being dropped. I know about how InfluxDB handles duplicate data - I wanted to ask how can I fix this?

@R3Sist-SpM InfluxDB unique identifies points by their timestamp, measurement, and tag set. If the points have the same timestamp, but different tags, they’ll both be written. So you need to build in a way to uniquely identify each point using tags.