FATAL error and telegraf stop sending data


I am getting a FATAL error due to a file that was used in the past. Actually, the line in telegraf.conf is commented and nothing in syslog is refferencing that file.
After the error, telegraf is not sending more data and I need to restart telegraf service.

I tried restarting also rsyslog service but, does not work.
This is the error that I see in logs:

2020/03/02 14:34:25 FATAL -- Failed to stat file /var/log/ps/Data_Logger.log: stat /var/log/ps/Data_Logger.log: permission denied goroutine 57 [running]: runtime/debug.Stack(0xc00056b650, 0x23, 0xc000529f48) /usr/local/go/src/runtime/debug/stack.go:24 +0x9d github.com/influxdata/telegraf/vendor/github.com/influxdata/tail/util.Fatal(0x27e8ab3, 0x1a, 0xc000529f48, 0x2, 0x2) /go/src/github.com/influxdata/telegraf/vendor/github.com/influxdata/tail/util/util.go:22 +0xc7 github.com/influxdata/telegraf/vendor/github.com/influxdata/tail/watch.(*InotifyFileWatcher).ChangeEvents.func1(0xc000a65980, 0xc0000dccd8, 0xc000aa4040) /go/src/github.com/influxdata/telegraf/vendor/github.com/influxdata/tail/watch/inotify.go:120 +0x30d created by github.com/influxdata/telegraf/vendor/github.com/influxdata/tail/watch.(*InotifyFileWatcher).ChangeEvents /go/src/github.com/influxdata/telegraf/vendor/github.com/influxdata/tail/watch/inotify.go:77 +0x168

Hello @educardo,
Welcome! Can you please share the relevant parts of your config? Also, can you please try setting debug=True in the config and sharing the logs?

Hello @Anaisdg, after activating debug I removed the specific file and problem dissapear. Thank you for the hint