Export to csv by Timestamp or Line Protocol?

I have data from 13 sensors (~650k points each) from the same source (same timestamp). I have been fighting most of the day trying to export a “normal” csv based on timestamp for processing. To my understanding, line protocol would work fine but I could only find information on outputting an annotated csv. How can I create a csv based on timestamp for all my datapoints?

example header: timestamp, tgs0, tgs1…tgs12

Follow-up: I chose to use influxdb/grafana to keep an eye on fielded equipment. With my data output requirements, would I be better off using a sql flavored db for keeping sensor data?

currently running ubuntu 22.04, influxdb v2.6.1, influx cli v2.7.3


  • Downgraded influxdb from 2.7 to 2.6.1 because the csv button in data explorer was gone, even after setting up https, self-signed cert.

    • Was able to remove aggregation but can only export one sensor at a time in annotated csv format due to size.
  • curl-based query was limited to annotated csv.

  • “influxd inspect export-lp --bucket-id xxxxx --engine-path ~/.influxdbv2/engine --output-path ~/export.lp”

    • cli status appears to have processed but file is empty

Hello @lowriderdog37,
Hmm are you able to query all of that data?
You might be able to use the following:

Otherwise you might have to use a client library and break up the query into time range chunks and write them to csv.