Join .Csv(exported) data/points to objects


I’m using your C# InfluxDb.Client library (v.1.12) to export and parse a .CSV file using your FluxCsvParser that generates FluxRecords. I need to group all possible records into a single object, more likely into a list of those grouped objects.

I’ve exported a .CSV that was generated form data in a single “Line protocol” line. It resulted in 2 lines in an exported .CSV.

On what criteria can I determine that those two lines came from the same “Line protocol” line?

Can you please share your CSV and your line protocol? You might be able to look at the timestamp. Usually timestamps are different between different line protocol lines even if the fields and tags are the same.


I intended to upload the CSVs with the initial post, but the system doesn’t allow uploads for new users.
Can you provide me with an alternative way to send you the files?

Here is the line protocol line:
weather,location=us-midwest,city=London temperatureF=86,temperatureC=30 1603804258000

I forgot, I’ve posted the CSVs in the #influxdb-2 Slack channel on November 5th.

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is there any progress regarding this issue?