Excessive queries from EMQX platform into Influx

Does anyone have any experience with the EMQX platform? It is nice because it bakes in the rules and actions to forward MQTT messages to Influx, so you no longer have the need to host Telegraf externally. Problem I’m seeing though is that the integration creates an excessive level of queries into Influx. I don’t think anything is configured wrong since it is a very simple configuration. Simply configuring the connection to Influx starts yielding almost 500 queries per hour into Influx. Configuring a rule to actually send data into Influx doubles that. So, I’m getting essentially 1000 queries per hour for a basic integration. The math yields $2.88 in query charges per day for a basic integration.

I already have an open ticket with EMQX, but I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing this because it doesn’t seem correct and is leaning me back towards my Telegraf implementation with HiveMQ.

Here are some screen shots of the usage. I disabled the EMQX connector, and the usage went to zero. After re-enabling the connector, it jumped to 500 an hour and after enabling the rule to allow data to flow it jumped to almost 1000 per hour. Incidentally in my tests I am getting two MQTT messages every fifteen minutes, so it is a low volume of data.

Helllo @sambabic,
Thanks for opening a ticket with them as well. I don’t have any experience there though. Hopefully someone else will here.