Configure data ingestion rate for InfluxDB via telegraf

Hi All,

I am using TICK stack for some IoT project for which I have configured mqtt input plugin for data collection and influxdb output plugin for data ingestion in telegraf.conf file.
Data from all topics is coming (via mqtt broker) at every second but I want to ingest the data in influxdb after every 1 min, skipping all intermediate data, which means I want to write only one last data point for each topic in influxdb in one minute.
Changing interval and flush_interval to 1 min in telegraf.conf file, only writes the data in influxdb after every 1 min (which seems to be bulk write), but still 60 data points are available in influxdb for each topic in one minute and I want only one data point for each topic in one minute.

Is there any option in telegraf.conf file to achieve this?

Thanks a lot, in advance.

The MQTT Consumer input is a little special and does not respect the interval setting. We call it a service input, as data comes in it is read and stored to send to outputs. Traditional inputs gather data at specific intervals. The mqtt plugin also uses tracking metrics, to ensure that all messages end up at the output.

You might try using the final aggregator to only send data for the last 60 seconds.

Thanks @jpowers. I will definitely try this to check if this serves the purpose or not.