Error training to creaate a remote and replica t Influxdb cloud

I am try to create a remote connection from my OSS to my cloud in order to replica a bucket from local to the cloud.
however I’m stock in the “influx remote create”
below the command and flags 'm parsing:
influx remote create --name remote --org-id “4e04a19955e6e25b” --token “_cdpoBmzhB3WhQM_0Mw7_2As49doaHpFuVFSZZbaM-xmaVck9jt_d0z_LIe3h6TPeIrtyYy-XG98eCkwqTx8jQ==” --remote-url “” --remote-api-token “eE8W3i9V90u5dHe-ICjHb5aTiDy92QrL260fW3ZLwFPhqXy0s8nqvEpEIHDA8R-lG3ZjU7Ya18M_HXZoxB3ACQ==” --remote-org-id “42c349f9005d5619”
but I get this error, and not able figure out was wrong:
Error: failed to create remote connection “remote” in local InfluxDB: 404 Not Found: path not found

I have ubuntu 23.04, ```
influxdb2-2.7.0, influxdb2-client-2.7.1

Hope this enough to get the rgight answer

Hello @Ranger_Geronimo,
Remote replication is no longer available with Influx Cloud. You can create remote connections between one OSS instance and a second one though.

could you provide a example on how to do replica to another influx intances?