Equivalent in flux to "SELECT * from my_measurement where time > XXXXX group by *"

Hello Guys.

I need to develop a little tool to fetch all data in a time range (all fields and all tags) and process them in a special way . But I have not found the way to get all fields and all tags , equivalent to the following IQL with flux.

SELECT *  from  my_measurement where time > XXXXXX group by  *

Any Idea on fetch all data from influxdb2 as I did before in influxdb1?

Thank you in advance

Hello @toni-moreno,
You might enjoy the following blog:

The data naturally comes grouped by everything in influxDB
It would look like:

from(bucket: "db")
|> range(start: "XXXXX", stop: now())
|> filter(fn: (r) => r._measurement == "my_measurement")