Effect of dropping measurements

Hello Everyone,

We’re planning to drop some measurements in our influxdb data since it’s causing too much disk space and memory. Is there anyone who could tell me what could be the effect of dropping some measurements. Will it have a bad effect on the DB?

You are deleting data and structure (the equivalent of dropping a table in a SQL DB).

If you don’t use those data there are no problems… If you need them and they occupy too much space then maybe aggregating them, or saving them under a different retention policy will help.

Just be warned that dropping a measurement can take a lot of time., in my case, the drop of a measurement which weighted around 6gb took 20min on one DB, but required more than one hour on a different one.


Is there any negative effect on the database if measurement will be deleted. Like for example a corruption etc.

No as far as I know, it’s a normal operation which shouldn’t cause any issue.