Drill down in influx 2.0/chronograf dashboard

Hi Community,

Is it possible to do drill down using influx 2.0 frontend or dashboard?

What I mean by drill down?
I will give an example to explain what I mean by drill downing in influx 2.0 / chronograf. Assume a 20 students record with columns as :
=> name || pass/fail status || branch || department… etc.

Now I click on any one student present in table under ‘name’ column, dashboard should take me to another table which has more details related to that student, say columns of other table are as :
=> name || total subjects || subject failed || subject passed etc.

Now If i click on any field_value under total subjects column it takes me to another table, say with columns as:
=> name || subject_1 marks || subject2_marks || subject3_marks,…

Is something like this possible with influx2.0 or using chronograf?