Don't have Chronograf Admin page



I installed TICK stack and I am using it.
I want to create user and org. for Chronograf but I don’t it.
I refer this link
But I don’t see Chronograf Admin page.

Please help me do it.


In the open source version, you can create users (using the button in the top right corner of your screenshot), but organizations are part of Influx Enterprise.


@katy, i don’t see the button in the top right corner (Chronograf Version: 1.6.2). Please explain specifically what did u said by picture, ur chronograf version … whatever?
I know Chronograf don’t support basic user/pass auth in Chronograf…Must i install third parties to authenticate, i don’t install it, maybe it is the reason that i don’t see chronograf admin page?


From above link, I see it:

User and Query Management
Manage users, roles, permissions for OSS InfluxDB and InfluxData’s Enterprise product. View actively running queries and stop expensive queries on the Query Management page.