Do batch queries based on time field in InfluxDB


The influxdb outputs result in the following format:

time IMEI

1555355829000000000 35269308:173212:16
1555355856000000000 35838706:010988:33
1555355865000000000 35578909:300271:07
1555355866000000000 35184109:712918:08
1555355868000000000 35775408:159140:45

The time field here is in a format that I am not able to understand. I tried to get records corresponding to 15 minutes ago from the current time. My idea is to create a batch process that outputs records corresponding to an interval of 15 minutes without using Kapacitor. Is there any way to achieve this?

Hello @adityal2810,
Welcome! You can convert the timestamps to human readable form by specifying the rfc precision prior to connecting to the CLI:

influx -precision rfc3339

Or after:

$ influx
Connected to http://localhost:8086 version 1.x.x
InfluxDB shell 0.xx.x
> precision rfc3339

Is the any other way to batch queries from influx db without using the Kapacitor module? I potentially have millions of records coming out from the influxDB and would love to batch records in 15 minute intervals. Thanks in advance!