DNP3 / Modbus Support?

It seems like influxdb would be a great solution to a SCADA historian, so I have been playing around with the TICK stack trying to get a test setup functioning.

I have TICK installed, and a database configured and now am trying to figure out how to get data from a device in the field into Telegraf (and subsequently into influxdb). I found a power point by David Simmons that mentions modbus support, but I can’t find a plugin that supports modbus TCP or DNP3 and that PPT didn’t go into detail.

Are there any tutorials or resources for getting SCADA data into the TICK stack?

Edit: This is on a Ubuntu Server installation.

There’s no Telegraf input plugin that I know of that can directly read data using Modbus. But you still have lots of options by using existing software and combining them together.

Collecting the data
If you like Python, you could write a Python script that uses pymodbus to read the data. Apart from that, there are probably a few modbus data collectors that you could find that are configured by coding manually, by writings a settings file or by configuring through a web page.

Another option would be to develop a new Telegraf plugin using an implementation of modbus in Go ( I never used this library so I can’t say if it works well or not.

Sending to InfluxDB
After that, there are many ways to send it to InfluxDB. You could send it to MQTT or AMQP and have the Telegraf plugins for those send the data to InfluxDB.