Divide 2 queries results in InfluxDB

I have 2 queries:

select sum(redistributed) from measures where meter_id='3P00XX' AND  $timeFilter group by time(30m)

which get sum of redistributed field for meter '3P00XX' on 30 minutes timestep.


select sum(redistributed) from measures where  operation_id='AC15' AND  $timeFilter group by time(30m)

Which do the same thing, but for the whole operation ( a operation has a lot of meters ). It can be considered as total field.

So, what I want to do is a ratio, sum_of_redistributed / total, for the meter_id for each 30 minutes.

Right now, I’m doing it in n+2 queries:

  • n + 1, if n is the quantity of meters,
  • 1 for the total.

And then I calculate the ratio in go, but it would be quite an improvement to get the ratio directly from a query. Is it possible ?

Is it possible to improve the query ?