Disk quota exceeded when writing data

I’m using InfluxDB v1.8 to store test data from Jmeter.
JMeter executes the test cases and calls the endpoint “/write?db=jmeter” to store the data.

However, i’m are having a very strange error related to the disk quota exceeded.

insert jmeter,application=DS,transaction=internal,testtype=regression,release=3,version=3 minAT=5,maxAT=5,meanAT=5,startedT=8,endedT=3 170304766483200000

The response was:

ERR: {"error":"partial write: write /bitnami/influxdb/data/jmeter/_series/03/0000: disk quota exceeded dropped=1"}

I checked that the disk space or INode or quota is still available but InfluxDB keeps refusing the write with this error.

One thing to be noticed is that redeploying the InfluxDB server helps but still after a few JMeter test executions, I had this error again.