Maximum Concurrent HTTP Write Request InfluxDB 1.8.10

Hi All and @Anaisdg

Facing performance issue for ingesting data into influxDB 1.8.10.

Like we are trying to insert data (historical data , last 1.5 years) 5000 batch size ( each measurements has 1 tag key and 2 tag values, 106 fields) using HTTP requests thru Node JS library client.

We are sending 50 requests per second qith 5000 batch.

After sometimes, start getting timeout error in client side.

No errors found in influxdb, no high cpu, memory , IO.

System info:
Ver: influxdb 1.8.10 oss
RAM: 128GB
CPU: 32 core
Disk: SSD

Is there any way suggestions to improve write performance? Or there is limit for maximum http request influxdb can handle? Or is 106 fields per measurements is too high? How do you calculate writes per second speed?


Hello @Satish2007,
Where are you writing your historical data from?
You might want to try using Telegraf and leverage the buffering and caching capabilities there.
Honestly v1 is very old (before my time) and advancements aren’t being made to that client library.