Disk plugin and ignoring specific file systems


I’m working on a script for predictive disk usage and thats working fine, but i’m trying to get it to ignore certain file systems using the inputs.disk plugin getting mixed results!

If i tell my config file to ignore the NTFS file system it does so, same if i say ignore ext2/ext4 but it doesn’t seem to be working on all. If i try to ignore CDFS and vboxsf it still alerts me on these.

are these file systems supported by the disk plugin at this point? i know the vboxsf is because i’m hosting the stack on a virtual box VM so maybe it that file system isn’t supported, but it would be great if i could ignore those two file systems.

I should point out that the config is for my windows machine. The plugin is active in the telegraf conf on my stack as well. Both hosts have shared access to the vbox FS. I can post the config for my server too but it is pretty much the same.

# # Read metrics about disk usage by mount point
#   ## By default, telegraf gather stats for all mountpoints.
#   ## Setting mountpoints will restrict the stats to the specified mountpoints.
#   ## mount_points=["/"]
#   ## Ignore some mountpoints by filesystem type. For example (dev)tmpfs (usually
#   ## present on /run, /var/run, /dev/shm or /dev).
    ignore_fs = ["tmpfs", "vboxsf", "devtmpfs", "CDFS", "UDF"]

Any help is much appreciated,

Thanks. Phil B