Discrepencies in graph display


Any ideas why the longer period graph does not output information that is clearly available when you specify a smaller time frame?

Please see attached as my example. I’m using the official 2.1.1 docker image.

One of the attchments is that last 12 hours and the other is between 9am and 10am. I don’t understand why the 100% CPU usage was not displayed in any way on the 12 hour graph but clearly shown on the custom 1 hour graph.

Here is the 12 hour graph

Hello @mnsmithuk,
Are you creating this view with the Query Builder?
If you’ll notice on the right hand below the SUBMIT button there is a function applied section. By default the UI applies an aggregateWindow() function to help users from shooting themselves in the foot by accidentally querying for too much data and exceeding their query limits.
My guess is that for the longer time range, the window period is greater which is obscuring the details of your data which are visible at a smaller time range/window period.
To remove the aggregateWindow function click on the Script Editor button next to the Query Builder and remove the line with the AggregateWindow() function or comment it out with cmd + /.

Hi @Anaisdg,

I commented out the line as suggested but teh graph still didn’t correlate with the actual expected results as in the shorter ranged graph.

my mistake. it looks ok now. Thanks