Directory structure on a Raspberry Pi

I am attempting to migrate some existing Influxdb databases I’ve been using on a another Raspberry Pi to a new system. In the new system I have Influxdb version 1.7.9 running. I can create databases that show up in Cronograf, but I cannot find those databases or tables in the Raspberry Pi directory /var/lib/influxdb.
I am looking for the directories where new Influxdb databases are stored on a Raspberry Pi.

System B+

They should be the directory.

How did you install InfluxDB? What’s in your Influxdb.conf?

To install Influxdb I used:

curl -sL | sudo apt-key add -

echo “deb buster stable” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/influxdb.list

sudo apt update
sudo apt install influxdb
sudo systemctl enable influxdb
sudo systemctl start influxdb

My influxdb.conf file (in /etc/influxdb/) has:
# Where the metadata/raft database is stored
dir = “/var/lib/influxdb/meta”

`# The directory where the TSM storage engine stores TSM files.
dir = “/var/lib/influxdb/data”

# The directory where the TSM storage engine stores WAL files.
wal-dir = “/var/lib/influxdb/wal”

My /var/lib/influxdb/data and /var/lib/linfluxdb/wal directories have (moved from previous installation):

The owner of those directories, for reference, is influxdb with Rights = rwxr-xr-x

In Cronograf the databases that are listed are:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ influx
Connected to http://localhost:8086 version 1.7.9
InfluxDB shell version: 1.7.9

show databases
name: databases


These latter 2 were created as tests to try to identify where the databases/tables are stored. As you can see they are not listed in the /var/lib/influxdb directory.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo find / -type d -name ‘sinus’

Yields no results.

Thanks for your help with this.