Different time period do not return data

Hi all,

We are trying to upgrade our old influx version to the influx DB 2.1; to do so, the automatic process is being used.

When migrating data from V1.8 to the V2.x no error occurs and the process is completed normally.

All measurements and tags seems to exists, however, when querying data it will return (or not) depending on the time period defined.

For example:
Only when a query is done for a longer period (2021-11-01 : 2022-08-01) all data is retrieved. On the other hand, when the query is for a smaller period (2021-11-01 : 2022-11-21), even though data exists, “No result” appears.

The aggregation period is the same for both cases. The images attached illustrate the situation.

It appears that the “_stop” column is “frozen”. Thus, the column became a constant, and it was not possible to query data for short periods. I would guess that this might be related to the data migration process, but couldn’t find any root cause.

One way to solve it, was to pull and push the data manually into the DB, using python-client, which made the queries to work properly. However, this is far from ideal.

I have looked in the forum and documentation of influxDB, however I could not find any useful information to solve this problem, so far. Besides, I have tried to repeat the upgrade process, a few times, but the problem remains.

Has anyone faced a similar problem? I would appreciate any suggestion/help in order to solve this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

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