Deleting Data using the API

I am in the middle of doing a proof of concept with Influx Cloud 2.0 and was trying to delete data using the API. It didn’t return an error but no data was deleted. Then I saw in the documentation that the delete entpoint has been disabled for IOx-backed organizations.

That is really going to be a show stopper. I know I can put retention policies on buckets, but in my primary use cases I have to be able to delete data based on certain criteria from a bucket. Is this feature going to be enabled soon?

Hello @brian.baker,
I don’t know. Let me ask the team and get back to you. Thank you for your patience.

Have there been any updates of this functionality will be made available?

I would also be very interested in this

Have there been any updates? This issue still persists.

After months of using influx iox, discovered this today. Unbelievable. This is hitting us in production big time right now.

Commenting to show interest. An ETA on this would be nice