Delete complete history specific record

Hello all,

I needed to delete the whole history of specific records in InfuxDB2 database.
Please do not simply send me the documentation link because I do not understand a single word about it how to do it neither via CLI or API.
I am not an expert on that so if you send me an example on how to do it it would be great !

Please tell us clearly what you mean by “specific records”.

It sounds as though you do not want simply to delete all the data in your
database, so please tell us what data you do want to delete.

We need to know how that data is identified in order to be able to give you the
correct command to delete that data and nothing else.


I have hundreds of stored records / values in the database.
Each database record has its own history values and from specific records / values I want to delete the complete history.

database record 1 - history 1
database record 2 - history 2

delete history 2 of database record 2


I have tried several things but without any success.
Do you have an idea ?

I used this here:
sudo influx delete --token myToken --org myOrg --bucket myBucket --start 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z --stop $(date +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ") --predicate '_measurement=„“‘

what’s wrong on that ?
I get

Error: failed to delete data: 400 Bad Request: invalid request; error parsing request json: bad tag value: ““”, at position 13