Delete specific data

I know this is something that’s been asked many times but I haven’t located a specific answer that I have succeeded in utilizing. I apologize in advance.

I have a number of weather related measurements being recorded into an influxdb 1.8 database residing on an old RPi1 (hence I can’t upgrade to Influxdb 2.0 currently). Generally the data is valid, but there are some that get decoded wrong and show up way off the scale of reality.

From what I’ve read it appears that it may be possible to delete data by indicating the date/time field as the key. If that’s the only option, I guess I’d have to filter data for values greater than some value for instance:

> select * from "rtl_433/Acurite-Tower/B/temperature_F" where "value" > 100

name: rtl_433/Acurite-Tower/B/temperature_F
time                           value
----                           -----
2021-07-17T02:08:23.968020844Z 905.719982
2021-08-24T16:12:19.944029967Z 1684.0399819999998
2021-08-24T16:37:33.020477072Z 1684.0399819999998
2021-08-24T18:43:36.837907375Z 1695.560018
2021-08-24T19:28:13.296592154Z 1695.560018
2021-08-28T17:12:25.410487174Z 1695.560018
2021-08-28T18:13:22.800103943Z 1695.560018
2021-08-28T18:18:05.406296533Z 1695.560018
2021-08-28T18:40:48.439984996Z 1695.560018
2021-08-28T18:56:19.134400212Z 1695.560018
2021-08-28T19:06:01.166229011Z 1695.560018
2021-08-28T19:22:55.114183116Z 1695.560018

There are between 20 and 50 bad values currently but since they seem to pop up randomly, I was hoping that a simple command or script could find and delete these values without requiring manual intervention. As you can see from the image, I have Chronograf running too in case that would be preferable. If I could be directed to any best practice method, I’ll go with that. Thanks!

you can use DELETE with a where that specifies a time range and/or tag values, but not field values. (docs here)

in your case (from what I can see) you will have to use the time range, and there is no way to build a single script that identifies and deletes the data.
Your query to find anomalies is fine, just use those timestamps in a DELETE, as a sample:

DELETE FROM __Measurement__ WHERE time = '2021-07-17T02:08:23.968020844Z'

here you can find more about supported time formats

If you use Chronograf you can run multiple select queries by separating them with ;, I expect it to work even with deletes, from the CLI a newline is all you need (as you cannot have multiline commands)

I was able to use this approach to delete the few points that were in the set. I recently found where they came from and corrected it so hopefully no new issues will occur.