Delete a particular series, how?


Hi there
Since i’m not an expert in influx SQL, i need your help.
I have this series from the host SFG020.

win_net,host=SFG020,hostgroup=IT,instance=Gigabit-Netzwerkverbindung\ Intel[R]\ 82574L,objectname=Network\ Interface,role=ERP\ Application win_net,host=SFG020,hostgroup=IT,instance=isatap.feltengroup.local,objectname=Network\ Interface,role=ERP\ Application win_net,host=SFG020,hostgroup=IT,instance=isatap.{1E9BE19A-7F71-4C05-83E9-5318B587B08D},objectname=Network\ Interface,role=ERP\ Application win_net,host=SFG020,hostgroup=IT,instance=isatap.{6A83D4DE-096D-42B0-BBFA-D5A261B66045},objectname=Network\ Interface,role=ERP\ Application win_net,host=SFG020,hostgroup=IT,instance=vmxnet3\ Ethernet\ Adapter,objectname=Network\ Interface,role=ERP\ Application

Would like to delete a specific NIC, because it no longer exists on this host.
Whats the best way to do this ?

thx for any help here.


I would use DROP SERIES . You can find the docs here.

You can drop all series associated with a measurement

DROP SERIES from "measurement"

or drop specific tag pairs

DROP SERIES from "measurement" WHERE "tag" = "someValue"