Degradation in performance following upgrade to InfluxDB 1.4.2-1

We have just upgraded to InfluxDB 1.4.2-1, our Azure VM is running Ubuntu Linux Kernel 4.4.0-101-generic.
Since the upgrade we have seen:

  • Stable CPU at 3~6% become very erratic with spikes between 5~25%
  • 0~4 disk IOPS also become erratic varying between 1~10~50 IOPS
  • From 10GBs of free RAM to 5GBs free

See the difference in response times below:

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The server was rebooted after the updates. Then we tried once again to restart the InfluxDB service.
The performance has been like this ever since the update.



“Write” IOPS. The WAL is written to “sda1”. The data (TSM?) is written to “sdc1”.