InfluxDB instance in new server much slower

Hello everyone!

I decided to upgrade my server to newer CPU/RAM/SSD. I copied a influx.conf file that I had in my old server to keep things simple (so that I could reuse certificates) but the influxDB istance in the new server is considerably slower. (around 2 times slower)

Old server is a 64GB ram 2666MT/s, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and 1 TB ssd with 15k IOPS

New server is 64GB ram 3200 MT/s, intel i5 13500 and 2 TB ssd with 18k IOPS

The new server is empty, no data in the influx instance, no extra process that could clog the server.

Same action (write) performed with the same data in both server, takes 37s on the old one, and around 60s in the new one.
In the influx.conf I don’t limit the number of maxproc.
Is the old influx.conf holding the server back? If yes, which parameter can I fine tune to match the new architecture?


Hello @simodeso,
Sorry for the delay. Did you upgrade your Influxdb instance as well? I’m not sure what an upgrade to the server would cause lags in the same instance of InfluxDB. That doesn’t make much sense to me. If you created a new instance of influxdb without data, why bother copying the config? Why not just install and configure with a brand new instance?

No exactly same version.

I am copying the config more to copy the part about the SSL, then the actual configuration of influxDB