Define/change CSV Delimiter when exporting via Chronograf

Hi there Influxers!

I’m pretty new to InfluxDB, so far I mainly worked with oldschool SQL databases. But due to our most recent project, I decided to try InfluxDB since the performance is just a lot better.
So we are logging live-twitter-data for certain hashtags right now and so far, the logging seems to work just fine.

The problem that we face right now is that we have to visualize the data at the end in Tableau. And therefore, we somehow need to extract the data from InfluxDB into a format that Tableau can read.
I was already happy when I found the “Export CSV” Button in Chronograf.
But unfortunately, I could not find any possibility to change the delimiter between the different columns in the CSV. It only uses the standard “,” (without ") delimiter and since the tweets contain text and the text often times contains several “,”, the exported CSV is a big mess and can’t be used so far.

Therefore my question:
Is there any way to influence, which delimiter is being used for the export? Maybe by changing a cfg-file or via CLI? Or do you have any other idea how to solve our problem?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,