Default TickScripts for starting out?

Hi folks,

Is there a knowledge base/repository of pre-written TICK scripts to handle conditions like “Host Down,” “CPU usage high,” “Disk space low,” and other similar things? I could certainly write alerts for each of these things myself, but odds are good I’d forget to write an alert for some condition or another, and having shared knowledge benefits the community.


Hello @johnmiller,
Thanks for your question. I don’t know of anything like this so far. Great suggestion! However, you can use Chronograf GUI to create all of those types of alerts and it will output a TICK script for you. I really recommend playing with that first :slight_smile: Checkout threshold alerts and deadman alerts.

Thanks, Anais. I’m already using the Chronograf GUI - just wondered if there were a good set of examples out there so I didn’t have to play the point-and-click game in the GUI.

@johnmiller try this maybe?