Deadman Measurement Name

I’m trying to get the name of the measurement when sending a deadman alert. However {{.Name}} returns ‘stats’. Is there any way to get the actual name of the measurement? Thanks in advance.

Can you paste your alert rule code in a </> code block ?

var message = '*Task*: ' + name + '
*Time*: {{.Time}}
*Measurement*: {{.Name}}
*Details*: Indicator {{ if eq .Level "OK" }}exists {{ else }}missing {{end}}'

var data = stream
        .where(lambda: ("variable" == 'light_indicator'))

var trigger = data
	|deadman(threshold, period)

If your measurement name is set in your script something like

var measurement = 'your_measurement'

Then you should be able to concatenate that variable into your message, the same way as you have done with name.

var message = '*Task*: ' + name + '

For my case, I am not specifying the measurement property, so the measurement can change. Usually I can use {{.Name}} to determine it, but when used with deadman, “stats” is always returned as the measurement rather than the actual measurement name.