Deadman Alert on a Field in Measurement


I want to create a deadman alert on specific field in a measurement.
Lets say I have 5 field in my measurement and multiple processes are writing to each of those fields independently.
So its possible that I am getting data in field_1, field_2 and field_3 from 1 process running on a host.
Another process is inserting into field_4 and field_5 which is also running on same host.
If I create a deadman alert on entire measurement then that alert wont fire unless both process stops sending data assuming tags are same for both process.
Can I create deadman alert on specific field? (say field_5).
Because in my case I saw that data is still coming for field_1, field_2 and field_3 but stopped coming for field_4 and field_5.


Advait Deo