Kapacitor deadman false alert

I have configured a deadman to raise an alert if no data received in a measurement but it raises continuous false alerts.
The kapacitor and the influx are installed in different system.

//–Alerts for Inv1
var data_inv1 = stream

// Enable alert if no data
.id(plantName + ‘: Inverter1 in task {{ .TaskName }}’)
.message(’{{ .ID }} is {{ if eq .Level “OK” }}alive{{ else }}dead{{ end }}’)
.messageField(’{{ .ID }} is {{ if eq .Level “OK” }}alive{{ else }}dead{{ end }}’)

Same here.

dbrp "kapacitor"."autogen"

It supposed to notify if any of hosts will send no data. But if one host going down kapacitor notifying about all of them

Hello @pavel,
Can you share your message construction please?

Thanks. I’ve solved it. The problem was in snmp data over udp that was not delivered from time to time

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