Deadman alert is not executing and not sending alerts to slack

I am trying to configure the deadman alert in InfluxDB 2.0 but I am not getting the alert. I configured the notification rule for slack as well and it working fine because I tried sending alerts and I am getting in slack but I am not able to get deadman alerts.

Steps to reproduce:
List the minimal actions needed to reproduce the behavior.

  1. create a task and store the output of the task in a different bucket.
  2. create an alert a deadman alert for the field which you got from the task
  3. create notification rule for slack
  4. inactive the task

Expected behavior:
When the task becomes inactive it won’t do any calculation so for deadman alert it should alert cric for this problem.

Actual behavior:
it showing nothing no history at all.

Environment info:
InfluxDB 2.0.1

You can see in the first pic I have chosen the measurement, field, and one tag which came as a result of the task. When I make that task inactive I should get the alert but I am not getting the same.

Hello @Ravikant_Gautam,
Can you please try and include an offset?
Sometimes there is a read/write conflict.

Can you check that the underlying task is running successfully? By searching for it in the “_tasks” system bucket?

Thank you and please let me know what you find/if the offset helps.

I will use the offset. I want an alert when is task is not running successfully, it means I won’t get calculations in my output bucket that’s why I chose the deadman alert.

Is there any other way as well to get an alert when one task is not running?

I tried giving the offset as well but still I am not able to get the result

Hello @Ravikant_Gautam,
That makes sense to me. Additionally you can filter for the task under the “_tasks” system bucket for when the task status tag equals failed and monitor for failed runs.

What did you do to define your query? Looking at your screen shots again it looks like you never selected data. Are you currently getting metrics for those fields? You should see your data populated in the “Define Query” portion of the deadman check.

What do you mean by

  1. create a task and store the output of the task in a different bucket.

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