Data loss on reboot

I’m running version 2.7.6 in a Linux-VM (Ubuntu 20.04.6) with two buckets that will be filled by telegraf. When rebooting the VM via SSH terminal, one of the buckets pretty much always looses data! Often only data from the current or previous day will survive. Everything else is gone! I already deleted the bucket an created a new one (via the web interface), but the behavior is the same. I have no idea, why one bucket works as it should and the other is unusable. Any ideas?

Hello @warped-rudi,
Welcome! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. That’s definitely not okay. I don’t know what could be causing this though or how to debug it without logs. Are you able to share an InfluxDB logs? I would maybe try with a fresh install.

If you are interested in logs, I have not problems to share. Let me know how to acquire them.

@warped-rudi Manage InfluxDB logs | InfluxDB OSS v2 Documentation

So here is a log spanning about 2 days. On ‘Mai 07 14:04:05’ the system was rebooted and bucket ‘7400f96f21ce1327’ lost all data before ‘Mai 06 02:10:00’. According to the logs at that time some re-indexing took place, but I don’t see anything that looks like an error.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload data here. So here is a link:

Thank you @warped-rudi,
I’m asking around now. I appreciate your patience.