All data gone when influxdb 2.7 is restarted

Hello everyone!

I’ve been running influxdb 2.7 on my ubuntu VM for over 6 months without any issues.

3 days ago I ran out of disk space. I have fixed that issue now, however I now face a new problem.

When I restart the server or just restart influxdb

systemctl restart influxdb

I lose all data that has been logged since the last start of influxdb.

“systemctl status influxdb” as well as “journalctl -u influxdb.service” show no errors now that I have resoved the diskspace issue.

Anyone an idea what could cause this? :slight_smile:

ended up restoring a backup from the day before the disk was full, then expanded the disk, and now all is working great.

however, what could have cause influxdb2 to NOT write data to the disk when I expanded the disk after it was full?

this is quite a scary situation to have.

Hello @cholzer,
I’m not sure. That is scary.
Can you please file an issue here:

The link does not seem to work - 404 page not found

Posted it here