Data in has stopped because you've hit the series cardinality limit. Let's get it flowing again


I had the following error message : ’ Data in has stopped because you’ve hit the series cardinality limit. Let’s get it flowing again. INSPECT SERIES CARDINALITY’

First problem, the popup that should guide me to solve the problem doesn’t work. Indeed, when clinking ‘INSPECT SERIES CARDINALITY’ and then ‘Inspect My Series Cardinality’, nothing happens. The ‘See manual instructions’ link dosen’t work (leads to a 404).

So I’m not able to go further using the tools.

Then, second problem, I know that this issue has come from a bad schema design that lead to a lot of series. I have deleted the bucket that contained the data, but still, I do have this error message displayed. I think this leads my account to be ‘locked’ and prevents me to send new data.

Can you help?



Hello @jeremie_novin,
Are you still experiencing this error?
What version are you using?


I’m no more experiencing this error, I have changed my schema to solve this.


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