Investigating Series Cardinality


I was wonder what the best approach was for investigating series cardinality.

In the absence of SHOW CARDINALITY I’m trying to figure out what are the worst offending measurements and tags.

I was looking at something like the following but you like to get more granular information and find some trouble some tags/measurements

SELECT max(numSeries) FROM “_internal”…“database” WHERE time > now() - 10s GROUP BY “database”


Hey @cobarbou, this is where the influx_inspect comes into play…try running the following:

influx_inspect report --detailed /path/to/shard/NUM and you should see exactly the details you’re after. Obviously you should do this from outside of the inlfux CLI itself.

There is also this discussion which has some examples of other use-cases.

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Great thanks for the quick response, I don’t direct access so I’ll see if I can get this run on my behalf. Otherwise I might be back for alternatives.



If you don’t have access to the backend, you could try access from the CLI if the _internal data collector is enabled on your influxdb instance.

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