Max-series-per-database vs show series exact cardinality

I am getting error that max-series-per-database is reached (“error”:“partial write: max-series-per-database limit exceeded: (1000000) dropped=2"), meanwhile show series exact cardinality shows that there are just around 510 000 entries, also counting series gave same results.

What am I missing?

Hi @andrejska welcome to the community ,

I am sorry for the delayed answer , but this post reminded me of your question.
Do you have multiple retention policies in your database ?

@MarcV sorry for delayed answer,
Yes, I do have two retention policies

@andrejska I guess we ran into a similar problem, I don’t have a clear answer for you but there certainly are clues here: Max-series-per-database VS show series cardinality VS show tag values -> Index not cleaned?

Can you observe the same behavior on your setup ?