Data Explorer - dual axis graphs

After a system reinstall I discovered that there’s a Data Explorer/visualizer in InfluxDB 2.0.

I write my data like this:
influx write --bucket sensors "sensors_data,host=localhost CPUtemp=$temp,CPUfreqavg=$cpu_freq_avg".
The temperature depends on the frequency and so in Grafana I’ve been using a dual axis graph (similar to this).
Now that Influx has its own visualizer I’ve been trying to create a dual axis graph in it/instead of Grafana, but unfortunately I can’t find such functionality in there. Is it currently possible to create dual axis graphs and how would one do it?

Currently it looks like this:

and there’s also a problem that when I multiply the frequency by 1000 to get the GHz, temperature also gets multiplied by 1000.
|> map(fn: (r) => ({ r with _value: r._value * 1000.0 }))

Hello @dataexplorer,
This isn’t currently supported. However I encourage you submit a feature request GitHub - influxdata/ui: UI for InfluxDB


I have the same requirement as yours, hope the FluxDB Data Explorer can support this

I have the same requirement as yours, it is weird that is not ready yet. A bit meaningless the charts without.