Cronograf - uncolor areas in line visualization

Hello! I want to visualize lots of curves in the same graph in Cronograf 1.8.4. Its standard configuration colors both the lines that define the curves and the area under each curve. In my case, having these colored areas is quite confusing for a clear and proper visualization of the data. Is there a way to set “transparent” areas, or to color only the lines? Thanks!

@Elena-ER Chronograf doesn’t provide a way to hide the fill under lines, but the InfluxDB 2.0 user interface does. In 2.0, the user interface is built into influxd, so you don’t have to run Chronograf separately.


If you aren’t bound to InfluxDB 1.x and Chronograf, I’d suggest giving InfluxDB 2.0 Cloud or InfluxDB 2.0 OSS a try. This will allow you to do what you’re trying to do.

Great! Thanks a lot for your answer Scott, it’s been very clarifying!

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No problem! Happy to help!