Create a task with Flux in Grafana and call the result in another Panel

i want to create a task which transforms data for example with aggregateWindow() and stores the transformed data it in the same Bucket and Measurement. In the next step i want to visualize the stored data in many different Panels in Grafana. How do i have to write a query in flux to achive this?
I made the following task but i cannot acces the stored data in another panel. Can somone please help me with this?
I’m using influxdb 2.0 and Grafana 7.5

option task ={

name: "test1",

every: 1h,


data= from(bucket: “zone/autogen”)

|> range(start: -200h) 

|> filter(fn: (r) =>

    r._measurement == "Test_Task" 



|> aggregateWindow(

    every: 5m,

    fn: mean


|>to(bucket: “zone/autogen”)

My raw data looks like this

And the returned data like this

Thank you in advance for your help.