CQ issues, restarting influxdb flushes CQ data

Using influxdb-1.4.2

Having database Persons with retention policies

  • duration - 30d
  • shard group duration - 7d
  • replication - 1

Now, I am adding a countinuous query to this database for a measurement Students and another countinuous query to another measurement in same database named Teachers

I have 2 questions,

  1. At some point my continuous queries stops working

  2. I try to push the data manually by editing the continuous query statement between BEGIN to END with start and end time

I can able to add the no. of missing records from start to end date in the new measurement of continuous query


  • For both measurements I m getting,

    • Written data = 23 records (no. of records in old measurements for 1 minute)
  • But, When I try to get the data from new measurements for 1 month,

    • Expectation
      • I need to get only 1 minute of data for both measurment
    • Acutal
      • I am getting 7 days of record for 1 measurement
      • And, I am getting 1 day of record for another measurment

3… After adding the new records,

  • If my influxdb has been restarted (stopped and started after few seconds), I cannot get the newly inserted data which has been inserted using edited CQ
  • All my record inserted using edited CQ has been gone