Copy data from influx to postgres is possibile using influxdb free versione?

i have to copy the measurement data from influxdb to postgres i found this article, Using Flux to Write Data Out to SQL Data Stores | Blog | InfluxData
i’m working with influxdb in a docker container, i opened the command line client but i could not run any queries using flux, when i try to run a flux query it print " ERR: error parsing query: found FROM, expected SELECT… "

someone can tell me why? how can i install flux in influxdb container? Does this procedure only apply to the enterprise version?

First, which InfluxDB OSS version are you running in Docker? Version 1.x.x or 2.x.x ?

What does that mean exactly?
How or where did you try to execute “commandos”?
What exactly have you tried?
Please elaborate a little…

You don’t have to install anything - it’s already part of InfluxDB 2.x.x

No, this should also work in the OSS version.

i dont understand how to use flux inside the client of influxdb

What do you mean by “client”?

Maybe you should read the docs on how to query with flux: