Convert telegraf.conf thats written to work with Influxdb v1 to v2?

I have this telegraf conf that collects metrics to a influxdbv1.

Can I easily convert this telegraf conf file so it works with influxdbv2?

I have added “bucket = xxxx” and “token = yyyy” to the conf file but that did not work :smiley: is there anyway to do this?

Please provide error messages that you received and your config file with any secrets removed.

Also take a look at the plugin README:

Hi @jpowers

This is what my conf file looks like. I placed it under /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d/telegraf_metrics.conf

When I stop/start the telegraf service it fails.

Did you set the org?

Ideally you look at why the service failed to start as you will get the exact error message:

journalctl --no-pager --unit telegraf